Based on: Online Gambling (must make a research question) and include


18+ adults



Advertisements/advertiser on websites


legalization of online gambling

Underage gamblers

illegal online gambling

the cost of profit and loss


Current day

created ?


United States




Causes– why is online gambling big

Effects –what is effects of online gambling for users

why are there so many returning users that don’t win/ why popular

impact of online gambling to users, their families

online gambling versus the traditional bets in person such as vegas


unsupportable lifestyle/ have to keep up the gambling

how are the gamblers impacted by online gambling?

More gablers online why?

evolution of online gambling

why in certain states is it legal and others illegal

Online gambling taking over the vegas betting area?

Average gambler spent per year



The research proposal will be precisely four paragraphs, 1-2 pages in length, 8th edition MLA formatting, including the following information:

Paragraph 1 begins with the research question. Next, background information on the general topic is provided (3-4 sentences). The paragraph ends with the one- or two-sentence working thesis statement for the research paper (claim and one to five avenues of discussion using the formula below).

[Argument] because [1], [2], [3] (and possibly 4 and 5).

Paragraph 2 focuses on methods of data collection. Discuss what types of sources you plan to use and where you will look/have looked for them.

Paragraph 3 concentrates on preliminary findings – brief results of specific sources that you have already located, such as from your annotated bibliography and other evaluation of sources.

Paragraph 4 discusses next steps – what are you looking for next? Which angles have you covered already, and which approaches to this subject still require more research?

The last page is the works cited section. Cite only the works that you have used in this proposal.

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