The purpose of this assignment is to select the research question for your research paper assignment.


The research paper assignment is a semester-long case study research project. Your research project is to discover how companies use information governance. You will achieve this by examining company policies or job descriptions. Your choice is to examine policies for the information governance concept of privacy or study job descriptions for inclusion of information governance.

Review this week’s learning activities on case studies. Choose one of the below research questions. Do a preliminary data search to be sure there is data for your research before deciding upon your question.

Question #1 How do eCommerce companies address privacy in its policies?

If you select this question, you will research several online retailers. You will study their online policies to see how the company manages privacy issues. 

Question #2 How do healthcare companies address Information Governance in job descriptions?

If you selected this question, you will research several job boards such as indeed.com or monster.com. You will study job descriptions to see how Information Governance is included in healthcare jobs.

(You can interchange the types of organizations for any question if you like. For example, if you like Question #2 but want to look at educational companies, non-profits, financial companies, etc, feel free to do so.)

You will choose the specific companies or job boards to research. You will choose the quantity of policies ad job descriptions to research.


Prepare a Microsoft Word document that includes:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Research question
  • Background
  • Reference page
  • Certification of Authorship
  • The research question should be the last sentence of your introduction. The background is an explanation of the area of your research and sets the context for your study.

Your document should be written in APA style and include at least 3 supporting academic references. Your document should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (excluding the title page, reference page, and certificate of authorship).

NOTE: I will do the Certification of Authorship Part

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