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Hello everyone, my name is Alexy and i am 24 i am a stay at home mom to my son who will be 2 years old this month. I was working in sales for 6 years prior to staying a stay at home mom and i travel with my husband for his work. I am pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration. Liberal arts are important since they teach the communication and people skills needed in the work place, and to success in life. Liberal arts majors according to the article have the general skills to contribute to a good cause in society and change the world and i think that’s why the liberal arts are so important. You can be taught all the technical skills of a job but if you are not taught to be self motivated learner and know how to communicate with people then success will be very hard to find. I have taken a personal finance and physics class before. I have worked in sales and marketing and advertising and the communication skills is how liberal arts fits into my life. I had to communicate sales and promotions properly to the customer to gain trust that i was selling them the best product to fit their needs and have that customer come back to the store and ask for me to help them again. My communication and people skills gained me a lot of loyal customers who would walk into the store and ask for me to help them instead of another sales person. I had to use critical thinking so that the sale was making me commission and helping me meet quota all while keeping the customer satisfied with their purchase.

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