responding to a paragraph Reflections

these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

The First one :

I would like to start off by saying this nation was built on racism. Europeans and colonizers attempted to use science to back their claim but it was disproved and renames pseudoscience. They did this in an effort to justify their actions when they pushed “Mexicans” down the coast to what is now known as Mexico, attempted to enslave but ultimately killed Native Americans and went to Africa stole African and enslaved them in America. These are the same set of people who went to Africa and decided to divide the continent, know known as apartheid, in an effort to completely control the continent. When bringing the slaves along the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade they made a stop at Brazil. Black Brazilians are under the unfortunate illusion that there is equality even though this is untrue. All of the things that white people have “contributed’ to America can be traced back to when they were stolen from somewhere else. It wasn’t intelligence or science that set them apart from minorities it was simply weapons, resources, and privilege.

the Second one :

The final chapter of the textbook focuses on how the white generated racism left a scar for the people of color, and its effects which are present even in the 21st century. The division of people according to the racial group was established in the 1400s due to the expansion of Western capitalism. The creation of colonies by subordinated people made racial inequality. Moreover, it created racist ideologies and discriminatory practices. By the 18th century, racism became global, and societies and communities were built on racial privileges. In which, whites held power and were at the top whereas the people of color were at or near the bottom. The racism continues until today in many parts of this nation and worldwide. The chapter also states that racism is present not only in America but also in Brazil and France. We can bring change only if we provide awareness and accurate understanding of what racism is. There will be a day when the color of skin will not make a difference. Equality, justice, and humanity will outweigh the differences and skin color. With education and knowledge, the change is possible.

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