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In my company, we use the recognizable proof number (EIN) is a nine-digit number allocated by the IRS. It’s utilized to recognize the duty records of managers and certain other people who have no representatives. The IRS utilizes the number to distinguish citizens who are required to document different business expense forms. EINs are utilized by managers, sole owners, companies, organizations, non-benefit affiliations, trusts, domains of decedents, government offices, certain people, and different business substances. If you as of now have an EIN and the association or responsibility for business transforms, you may need to apply for another number.

Reference :

DiMauro, L. (2017). Encyclopedia of small business and Ein Number for Tax Process. Farmington Hills: Gale, Cengage Learning.

2)zilun reply

Yes, our company does have all the California Workplace postings required. I was actually the one who put all the posters on the wall in our office, so I remember quite clearly of how the whole office and the CEO paid close attention on the posters in order to promote the awareness of a safe and fair workplace environment (State of California Department of Industrial Relations, n.d.). 

However, I did not see from this link of where in the office should the posters to put on. Our company decided to put them on the wall of our kitchen, so that everyone could see them on a daily basis.


State of California Department of Industrial Relations (n.d.). Workplace Postings. Retrieved August 14, 2019, from

3)sabitha reply

Leading Change has been an interesting subject as it dealt with issues that I not only face professionally but personally as well. Out of all the CLOs, the outcomes that stuck with me are Lewin and Gold’s (1999) unfreezing, moving and freezing model of organizational change. If the organization’s employees are made to see the reason for change before implementing a new procedure, their resistance to it may decline considerably. Communication before and after any changes are implemented in an organization is equally important. If they are made to see that the original system may be working fine but if they incorporate the new system, it ll enhance performance and reduce manual labor, a majority of the employees would be excited to try the new technology rather than be resistant towards it. After communications include educating employees about the new system and how it works.

In a recent observation session, at Prokarma Inc., A salesforce consulting company, I saw the opportunity to use this concept. Due to a manual system, the company has a deficit of $20 million in payments receivable. The existing system is sending manual emails to clients describing the services provided and billed against that explanation. As the company deals with a number of clients they have a different procedure of billing to each client based on their policies, which has become long and cumbersome. At times the finance department misses a followup causing the number of payments receivable rising to as high as $20 million. The finance department is overworked due to this practice and the company is losing money. The salesforce team has developed a common system of billing where Prokarma would follow one common method of billing to all the clients. This will make clear who owes how much money to the company as for how long. It would send out automatic followup emails if the initial email was not responded to. As it is clear this method would streamline the process and reduce losses, employees are resistant to use this method as it would:

(1) Threaten their position as the only person who knows what is happening with the particular client and transparency would lead to loosening their position and importance in the department.

(2) They would have to learn new software.

(3) Any work that was being done on the basis of personal relations and out of the process would be highlighted, and employees would be accountable.

The solution decided, was to talk to the finance department and give them a demo of the software and explain to them how it would make their job easier to handle and using this software would make them much more professional in their approach. Once they have seen the benefits of the software then they would more readily accept it and be willing to use it.


Lewin, K. and Gold, M. (1999), “Group decision and social change”, The Complete Social

           Scientist: A Kurt Lewin Reader, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC,

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Discussion Questions: CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 5 

Does your company have all the California Workplace postings required? See Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) website:

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