Marketing Management Class


According to Kotler and Keller, “a marketing channel system is the particular set of marketing channels a firm employs, and decisions about it are among the most critical ones management faces (p. 416). The marketing channels utilized by an organization are crucial for companies looking for a consistent customer base. With the relatively recent transformation in traditional marketing to a more digital marketing, businesses are required to adapt their marketing strategies to the customers preferred method to do business. Channel integration accomplishes this task by allowing customers to :”order a product online and pick it up at a convenient retail location, return an online-ordered product to a nearby store of the retailer, and receive discounts and promotional offers based on total online and offline purchasing” (p. 447). Companies are having to update their business models to reflect the change of consumer preferences. 

As far as the marketing channels utilized by the corporation I work for, we use a multi-channel marketing system aimed to attract our target audience through multiple channels. Since the corporation’s target audience are individuals with substance abuse/mental health disorders, we partner with many different hospitals, municipalities, and private companies in order to maintain a steady source of admittance. The main thing to focus on, not only for the corporation I work for, but any organization, is to always be on the lookout for opportunities to expand their marketing channels. Many organizations will “settle upon its preferred marketing channel relatively early, and to stick with it throughout its operations. However, it is worth carrying out a periodic review, in order to assess and redefine your company’s processes and relationships, and to find out whether there might be any more practical or profitable way of bringing your products to the consumer” (2014). Even though it is important to maintain steady marketing channels through long lasting, organizational relationships, companies should always be on the look out for opportunities in regards to implementing additional marketing channels. 


Hello Everyone,

Marketing Channel Decisions are the most critical decisions facing marketing management because they will determine how the product will be ultimately distributed to the end-user/consumer. Perhaps the product should be sold via infomercial instead of having the manufacturer sell through telemarketing the product to end-users. Or it could be a new brand of chewing gum product and the company owners have decided to distribute the gum strictly through small retail outlets only, as opposed to offering the gum to be sold only by means of mail-order. An automobile manufacturer would make a critical mistake to sell their vehicles through means of only mailorder when they have a lengthy number of distributorships that can demonstrate the product more effectively via physical test drives. Marketing management must be able to make the correct choices concerning choosing the proper channels in which to cost-effectively get the product sold and delivered, while at the same time educating the customer on all of the features and benefits of their new investment.

Business Research Class


Many IM services are now offering video conferencing and Voice Over IP (VoIP), in addition to messaging. IM is gaining momentum in the workplace. According to The Second Annual Instant Messaging Trends Study, over 27 percent of IM users now communicate via instant messaging at work–a 71 percent increase over 2003. Instead of walking over to someone’s desk, you can send them an online chat to get a quick response. Even though IM is a great way to effectively communicate within the office, you should be mindful of the other person’s preferred way of communication. If it seems they do not prefer you to IM them, then use another form of communication. The IM pop-ups can sometimes be annoying to some people, so it’s best to not use IM as the only form of communication unless this the only form of communication or it isn’t bothering anyone.


Within my workplace I send and receive instant messages (IM) frequently. What I found interesting in this week’s reading is that we should still apply the three-step process: Planning, writing and completing. (Thill & Bovée, 2014, p. 199-200)

Planning is an area that I probably lack the most. When I sent a message, I tend to think of it as informal communication; however, when asking for something (most often the purpose for an IM), then one should take a moment to think about phrasing and the specifics about the request. When writing, one needs to remember again this is a business environment and should avoid using casual acronyms, such a ttyl (for talk to you later). And at the completing stage, be sure to proof read the message to be sure there are no misspellings, grammatical errors, and your message is clear. (Thill & Bovée, 2014, p. 199-200)

Other tips for workplace instant messaging that make sense are that you should know the person, include a greeting to start the IM conversation and keep the conversation brief (after all, this is why IM is often used). (Giang, 2013).

Most importantly it is important to remember that basic premise of workplace IM, which is to get a quick answer, or schedule a meetup. It is never a medium for a heated discussion, or even complicated conversations where, for example, both parties are responding at the same time causing additional confusion. Additionally, when seeing a colleague who is burning the midnight oil it is best to not interrupt them with an IM. They are already eating into time with their family or for themselves. Save that message for the morning during working hours. (Instant messaging etiquette, 2011).

Principles Of Marketing Class


     I think all businesses have to think in terms of how they will handle social media and what impact they will choose for it to have on their business. Every business has an online presence whether purposeful or not. When a person looks up your business to find your location on Google or any other search engine, they can fins your location, a picture of your business and reviews about your business. Even if you don’t claim the listing, it still exists. How you choose to manage that is the first step of handling social media. Your online presence starts there.

     In my business model, I would be working in the property management field and networking with professionals there to get new clients. I would work heavily on LinkedIn to create a professional image by posting relevant articles to the property management industry, volunteering to work with the Arizona Multihousing Association on charity fundraisers an such, and generally commenting on other people’s posts to remain visible. It’s important to network in this way so that clients feel you are relevant in the industry and view you as an expert.

     Facebook also has many professional association pages which I would join and be active on to do the same type of networking as I would on LinkedIn. I would be a person who offered advice on coaching employees, advertised workshops I was offering, or just send private messages to individuals I felt could use my professional help. I would also have a page on Facebook that would have a professional bio of me and that would link them to my company website for more information.

     Even though many people are uncomfortable doing business online, we are moving to a paperless society in many ways. It would be foolish to imagine you could run a successful business without planning to use social media as part of your marketing strategy and reputation management plan.


    The company that I have been writing about for the past few weeks is called Hercules Chocolate Bars. We sell chocolate bars for $1.50 each and our chocolate bars are made out of organic cocoa and skim milk. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, California and with every chocolate bar sold – our community hero project – the Hercules Chocolate Bar Rescue, picks up one piece of trash per bar during our quarterly beach clean-ups. Hercules Chocolate Bars has its own website: and its own Facebook and Instagram pages. Social media plays a large part in our company. It is what helps us advertise and make our company known not only in the United States but around the world. Currently, we are mainly selling in the United States but we are looking to sell internationally in the near future. Our target market at the moment is everyone living in the United States. According to MKTG8, “because most markets will include customers with different characteristics, lifestyles, backgrounds, and income levels, it is unlikely that a single marketing mix will attract all segments of the market” (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel, 2015, p. 151). While the majority of society, at least in the United States, owns a smartphone and uses social media, it is clear that not everybody has this luxury. While advertising on social media is great and expands our market, there are still many people who will not know who we are, including children, the elderly, and those who struggle financially. Fortunately for our company, we also sell in convenience stores such as Ralph’s and gas stations. 

    I believe that social media is widely present in our company. We offer monthly give-a-ways of free Hercules Chocolate Bars for a month, all one has to do is tag a friend in one of our posts. Another perk is the creation of the Hercules Chocolate Bar smartphone app where one has access to an electronic punch card that calculates how many Hercules Chocolate Bars one has purchased and sends two free chocolate bars for every ten purchased. While we respect everyone’s desire for privacy and realize that we are missing the opportunity to advertise through social media to those who wish to “stay off the grid”, our selling in convenience stores with our mission statement on the package is a great advertising tool. Social media and E-Business technologies are appropriate tools for understanding the current market and its trends because social media helps people stay connected to each other from all over the world. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a phenomenal form of communication and allows businesses to interact with its customers and determine what customers do and do not like. We believe that most of our future customers will be people who live overseas and are looking for quality and delicious chocolate at a reasonable price. The rise of social media will continue to help Hercules Chocolate Bars grow tremendously as our target market continues to expand internationally. 

ENG Class


Thinking about your audience differently can improve your writing, especially in terms of how clearly you express your argument. The clearer your points are, the more likely you are to have a strong essay. An audience is a specified group of potential readers most likely to meet your essay. Purpose: The major goal of your writing. Audience Awareness: Knowing who needs to be convinced and how to convince them. Audience awareness begins the moment you form the thesis before you start writing and you’re able to explain it simply and clearly.


It is very important to know the audience you are writing for.  The audience can set the tone of the essay. For example if you are reading to a kindergartner or to a colleague the dialogue would be different. The hold on the medication should have been lifted by now though we still have a hold on it. Last but not least we have a patient in room If she is yours’ If the audience is a bunch of medical professionals versus just lunch and then it would be all right.

Critical Thinking Class


Persuasive writing which can also be called rhetoric, is the presentation of ideas and reasons that will influence the reader or audience to think in like manner as the author, this is what we do often in speeches or writing without even realizing, be it career or academic writing, we all have used rhetoric to convince our audience in one way or the other into accepting our point of views regarding certain situation.

Rhetoric comes in three divisions, Ethos, Logos and Pathos.

Ethos is the moral ethics, that is used to convince the audience of an authors moral character in seeking credibility, the audience first needs to determine whether or not you have good intentions and or a strong understanding of the topic of discuss. It is the basic responsibility of the writer to present him or herself  as trustworthy or credible to win the audiences attention.

 Logos, is another rhetorical devices used in persuasive writing, Logos is the logical presentation of ideas using rationality and reason to convince the audience, evoking facts and figures that is undisputable coupled with evidence. 

Lastly, Pathos is an emotional appeal to the audience, this an argument without the use of reason, and its the opposite of Logos, creating fear, anger and empathy is a strong persuasive method that can convince an audience, this method is very popular among churches, they use it to convince the audience into giving.

a good example is the saying that, millions of children are malnourished and dying in Ethiopia and needed support to survive this emotional appeal could trigger ample donations.

Again, Rhetorical devices also comes in sub divisions, usually single words or sentences para phrased to give a positive or negative statement. the subdivisions are discussed below:

Euphemism, This is a positive expression to use though it carries negative message, I always refer to this as a soft language, for example, the statement that says, my father transited to glory this morning of cancer ailment, is more subtle than say, my father was killed this morning of  cancer attack. Euphemism could be used to white wash a statement and in a calm manner.

Dysphemism, s a negative statement said on something, or someone’s attitude to create negative effect about the person, this is done to discredit and create a negative image of someone, the speaker does this to cause the audience to dislike someone, this is common in political campaign for various Government offices. 

Weaselers helps in protecting claims from criticism by making it glitter and provide the author a way out if challenged, this is common in advertisement of some weight losing products, they tells you lose up to so and so amount of weight within a specific period of time, most times the audience or the buyer of such product never experience changes in weight within the specified time frame. but the author is protected by the phrase up to.

Down players,  this an attempt to make someone or something less important than it really is.

The definition, to a modern student, the word definition is correlated with clear and high sound system, but to a student of critical thinking definition goes beyond this sound and music, clear definition of terms is of paramount importance to a critical thinking student.

Definition of a term varies in acceptance by different folks with different faith or believes, the main purpose of a definition is to inform what a particular word means, in some instances the meaning of a word can be vague to be used in one context. for example to a born again Christian, gay and lesbianism is not an acceptable way of life, because they argue it is not of God and does not encourage procreation.

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