For this assignment please respond to the following with 200 words:

According to the text, the “self” is the part of the body that is conscious and is believed to give a person their identity. The book also goes on to explain that the “self” continues to exist after death. From my understanding the way they “self” exists after death is the way people remember you and continue to allow the idea of that person to live on after they have passed. The “self” of a person is what gives them their identity. When a person has an internal conflict, they are basically trying to decide what to do in a certain situation. We see this come into play when a person has an ethical issue they are debating. For example, in my life, there have been many different issues I have debated and worked through in my personal life. One of these issues was when I was debating on continuing on in school, or taking a break. There are two sides to this issue, one was I had many issues I was dealing with at the time, and I felt I needed some time to re-adjust my life, so I would be more focused on school. On the other side was my parents opinion, and they felt if I took a semester off, I would not go back to school. That is also many people’s opinion and usually what tends to happen when young students take a semester off of school. However, I felt that if I had taken this time off that I would have no issue going back. There is also a negative idea that is formed around people wanting to take time off school, like they are giving up. So when I was making this choice, I had many things I needed to factor into my opinion. In the end I decided to take off a semester to give myself some time. Now being able to make this decision, gave me a sense of self. Plato’s tripartite concept of the self includes three parts. The first one is the appetites, this is everything that a person craves. This includes food, something that gives a person physical satisfaction, and can include sexual needs a person feels. The second part is the spirit. The spirit is the part of a person where feeling are shown. For example, the amount of energy a person shows is their spirit. Lastly is the mind. The is the consciousness of the soul. This is what makes the decisions and choices of the body.

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