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I’m stuck on a Philosophy question and need an explanation.

I need to make comments about what Gema Capelo said below:

Gema Capelo

The video shows us an interesting issue where the moral question to answer is about the viability of build the dam or not. In my consideration, the project should be approved because based on the Utilitarianism, the objective is to bring the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest amount of people based on the consequences that such action would introduce and evaluating the results in monetary terms. The government in this country recognizes that to bring the development the project should be addressed because it also bring more jobs, more modern services, and the independence of electricity which is used to manufacture. If people would have employment, they would be satisfied and the family can enjoy the happiness. Still, this theory even though focuses in the majority also promotes the interest of the minorities because they can be reallocated in other conditions. People would argue, but for me, it is necessary to build the dam. However, Utilitarianism also have some downside. For example, in the long run is hard to determine the impact of the consequences, and it evaluates everything in monetary terms. One consideration about the dam, it is about the project use water to produce energy which at the end is less contaminant than other sources.

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