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Post by Marissa Peart3 days agoRe: Week 3 | Discussion – Polynomial FunctionsWhat do you understand by the term infinity? I understand that it has no ending and continues on forever.How would you explain the concept to a child? I’d give a child pretty much the basic definition of the word. Infinity means without end. My son (5) likes showing people that he can count to 100, but he knows there is more numbers after 100 he just doesn’t know them yet. I’d explain to him that there is no such thing as an end and numbers continue to keep going.God is often described as infinite. In what way(s) is God infinite? God is infinite because he is said to be everywhere at all times with no restrictions. He is said to govern all.Does the concept of infinity point to the necessary existence of a higher being (God)? Not at all. I don’t see how something being infinite shows proof of an existence of a higher power.  I understand how people could feel this way because of religious views, but I don’t view infinity in the same wayPost by Leonela Teniente3 days agoRe: Week 3 | Discussion – Polynomial FunctionsMy understanding of the term infinity means that there is no ending. It keeps on going and going without ever coming to a stop. How would I explain the concept to a child? At night time I would ask the child to look at the sky and to start counting the stars. After the child has finish counting the stars on the sky. I would tell the child that there are many more stars beyond than those that we can only see. I will have the child count the stars again now using a telescope. The telescope will show that there are actually more stars in the sky that were not visible before with the naked eye. Using a telescope will help the child understand better the meaning of the term “infinity”.  If we were to count the stars in the sky we will lose count there are too many to count. The number of stars in the sky are infinite just like numbers are. I do think the concept of infinity point to the necessary existence of a higher being (God). Because if something is infinite it means it has no limits.

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