responses 2 discussion

In your response, discuss your reaction to your classmate’s writing process. Your responses should be approximately 100 words each.

1. For me, I prefer to write in chunks and piece those chunks together toward the end, writing into intro and conclusion once the ideas of the document are fortified. In the textbook, the biggest difference between workplace writing and college writing is that we have to use wisdom in the workplace writing. Your ability to communicate with others through computer networks will be critical to your career, and it is very often to communicate via technical tools. Therefore, writing skills in workplace is very important. In general, there are two genres: Analytical report and Specification. Each genre has different organization. The writing process I prefer can transfer to the workplace in this way. I prefer to write in chunks together toward the end, writing into intro and conclusion once the ideas of the document are fortified.

When I writing an analysis paper, I will give the introduction first, and then I will analysis in several different parts, and give conclusion according to these analyzing. In the workplace, there are usually six steps to finfish the writing: planning out your project and doing start-up research, organizing and drafting, improve the style, designing the document, revising and editing, finished document. We can analysis workplace writing like college writing, and the six steps also fit the college writing. It is very important to analysis in workplace writing. Every time, we give a plan or a report, we need to analysis the strength and weakness. Just like college writing, we have to analysis things in different aspects.

There are many ways that I can work for the transition. Now, I will start to write more analyzing paper, and make good organization for the paper. I can ask my friends who are working to help me revise the paper. I will also talk with instructor to ask for advice. I can also find an intern job to improve my workplace writing skills.

I can some tips to the students who have a similar writing process with me. It is very important to improve your skill of analyze, and you should keep writing. You should always talk with your instructors and your classmates, so you can get more ideas about writing from them.

2. For me now, my writing style is diverse. After a lot of writing lessons I learned a lot of different writing methods. When I study at ELP, the teacher taught me the writing method to write straight through–from the introduction to the conclusion. Directly into the subject, each paragraph must sum up the meaning you want to express. Finally, you will write a summary, introduce and summarize the contents of this article. When I studied ENG111, my writing style turned into write in chunks and piece those chunks together toward the end, writing the intro and conclusion once the ideas of the document are fortified.

For me, I prefer to write in chunks, put these pieces together, write out the introduction and conclusions, once the idea of the document is strengthened. I think that writing is more normative and easier for others to understand.

When I go to workplace, I will continue to adhere to this writing style because the workplace needs more normative writing. When I write an article or report, I must first write my introduction, and then use a lot of sections together to express their views and ideas, the need for each section of a detailed analysis and summary and then finally give their own in conclusion. This will be a satisfactory report and article.

I think the writing skills I have learned during college can be used as my own transformation, for example, I have written some debates and analyzed essays. Through the teacher’s explanation, and the exchange with the teacher which I will sum up a more suitable for my writing method. My writing proposal is, do not worry about their writing good and bad, according to their own ideas boldly to write out, and then find some friends or teachers give some advice, writing level will naturally become better.

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