RoleHow Will This Role[GS1]  Change with the EHRCommunication Strategies for this RoleTraining Strategies for this RoleHIMClerkFaster and accuratespecific information givenEfficient and effectivePhysicianAccurate  recommendationcorrect prescriptionsmore medical trainingNurseAccuracyContinuous communication with all partiesmedication and prescription efficiencyLab TechnicianAccurate lab reporting’sAccuracyExperiment and equipment handling techniquesRegistration Clerkpatient registration electronicallypositive patient interactionPatient services and careThe first column should list specifics about how the current role will change once the EHR has been implemented.The second column should talk about how communication is filtered down from senior leadership.  How do the departments share information.The third column should be how each role will be trained for the EHR.

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