1. Response papers are concerned with interpretation and analysis of a given text, in this case, the readings assigned in Module IV.

2. Grades are certainly better when these primary texts are used to support both your understanding of the text and the rationale of the analysis of those texts you provide in answering the questions below. Therefore, think about the questions before beginning to write.

3. Each question has sub-question(s), which are directly related to the central question posed. Do not ignore them, as they not only help you write a well contextualized answer to the central question, but they are also required.

4. Before beginning to write, REREAD your notes (hopefully you have some;-).

5. This paper is restricted to third person point-of-view.

6. Be sure that your answers name any people, places, or things that are of relevant mention in the primary texts, yet may not be named in the questions.

7. Each question must be answered in the minimum words count in parenthesis marks noted, but none should be more than 500 words. Those who do not adhere to the minimum word requirement, regardless of the quality of their work, will receive a grade of ‘D’ for this Response Paper. Therefore, in MSWord, once your paper is complete, select all the words in your answers only (not the heading or the Works Cited page entries), and while highlighted, click the “Review” tab and the “Word Count” option. I will be doing same.

Richard Wright: Biography



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