RLST 160 – Theological Analysis Paper #3

This analysis asks you to read a chapter from a theologian (Crossan) who is commenting on specific beliefs about doctrines, and respond by critiquing his commentary using what your text book and class discussion have presented. This is an act of critical thinking, because you are required to make connections and draw conclusions that may not be obvious.Your paper should respond to the following points:1. Briefly discuss what the article is about (in your own words).2. Discuss, in your own words, the theological points or themes that you are going to discuss.3. After reading Crossan, decide what theology from your text best responds to those particular points on which you have focused. Be sure to make reasoned and logical arguments and draw conclusions about why you might take issues with Crossan and why the pieces from the text book can be used to respond.Your paper should NOT:· Be a statement of your personal beliefs and/or issues with religion. This is critique and analysis paper – NOT a reflection paper.· Discuss whether or not you ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ the article. Build your arguments with facts not personal ‘feelings.’· Retell the article. I have read each one of them and know the content. I am looking for your analysis, not a retelling.Other Important Points:· Be sure to use proper theological terminology when, in your own words, you are explaining the connections you are making.· Cite, Cite, Cite – plagiarism will result in 0 points and it will be reported.· Your paper should have a clearly stated introductory paragraph (4-6) sentences, logical sequencing between paragraphs, and a clearly developed conclusion.· I am willing to go through your paper with you, but you must make an appointment at least a full day before the paper is due.Paper Specifics:Your      papers should be between 500-800 words in lengthYour      papers should be typed, 12pt font and double spaced.Your      paper should be submitted in two ways: as a hard copy, given to the instructor in class and online via      TurnItIn. The due date is marked on      the syllabus. Late papers will lose      10 points for each day they are late. After 5 days, the paper will receive 0 points.Your      paper should have a clear introduction, clear transitions between paragraphs      and a clear conclusion.

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