Rocky PG 1976 film analysis

As the final project for this course you will writing a 4-5 pg (NOT including the work cited page) argumentative essay about a sports text of your choosing. This can be a film (including a film we’ve watched in class) or a book, etc. This paper will also allow you to demonstrate the skills you have developed in recognizing and writing about context. The following could be thought of as a rubric, but this final paper is not a completion grade. It is possible* that you could technically “do” all of these things but not do them well enough to get a 4.0. Please take advantage of instructor office hours, email in order to help you do the best you can do on this final assignment.

Your paper should do the following

___ Have a clear, specific thesis about some aspect of sports in the text you are writing about.

___ Provide a section of context following the introduction that pulls out a larger key term from your thesis to explain for your reader.

___ This contextual section should appropriately incorporate at least (2) citations from appropriate sources

___ Present and analyze three examples that prove your thesis from the text you choose. Remember, you should have at least 5-6 sentence of analysis for each example you describe. Analysis explains HOW your example helps prove/substantiate your thesis.

___ For each your three examples, you should incorporate at least (1) citation from appropriate sources and provide contextual guidance to your reader.

Odds and Ends

__ This paper should be in 12-inch, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Any paper that does not follow this guideline will be automatically deducted 6 points.

__ This paper should have in-text citations that are in MLA format

__ This paper should have a works cited page (NOT included in page count) where all entries are in the appropriate MLA format. Many of the “tools” I’ve seen ya’ll use do not actually do a 100% correct job of transferring information. So you’ll need to double check.

__ This paper should be your own, original work. You cannot use work that we’ve completed in group activities, lectures, etc.

__ This paper needs to make crystal clear ideas that words that are your own and ideas and words you’ve taken from a source. Failure to do this constitutes plagiarism, and I will fail you for this.

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