SaaS a Cloud Computing and its impact on the workplace

To complete this assignment, you are required to use “ONLY” Peer-Reviewed Journals.Do not use any other source to support your research.Use only Peer-Reviewed Journals.You need to list the reference of the article from The Peer-Reviewed Journal. All references must follow APA style, structure, and formatting.Use the basic citation styles mentioned in the APA Manual, Seventh Editions, to cite your sources.You need to use the form provided to fill in the required informationDo not send your work via e-mail. Your document will be ignored. I will not grade your document if you send it via e-mail.Please make sure you follow the Format-Template provided as a guide for you to fill in the right information. Don’t change the template. Do not add to it any space; use it as it is. The information must fit the format on one page. Use New Roman – Font-12.To complete the 10-Annotated Bibliography:You need to select 10-Articles related to your research topic from Peer-Reviewed Journal.Use Keywords and Combination of Keywords, to find your articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals.The leader of your team for week 4, will be the only one that submits the assignment by the due date.Annotated Bibliography: This is the most important task of your project. The information that you gather-collect is going to help you learn about your topic and find out what has been done, and: what you can do to research your topic of interest. The information that you present in your Annotated Bibliography will help you organize your ideas and find the solution to your problem. The purpose of Annotated Bibliography is to inform your readers of the relevance, accuracy, and quality, and validity of the sources cited in your project. Highly recommend using the following list of Ranked MIS Journals:1 MIS Quarterly2 Information Systems Research3 Communications of the ACM4 Management Science5 Journal of MIS6 Artificial Intelligence7 Decision Sciences8 Harvard Business Review9 IEEE Transactions (various)

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