Assignment Instructions

For this project, you will be required to develop a presentation to answer when, who, where, what tactic employed, what definition, and the specific and broad type of terrorism related to any terrorist event that has occurred anywhere in the world from “14 days prior to the start of the course” to “one week prior to your assignment being due at the end of week seven.”

Events outside (before or after) this specific time/date period will receive a zero.

The final section of your presentation (where most points can be earned) requires you to identify and explain security and counter-terrorism measures in relation to your selected type of terrorism. 

Mandatory Protect Slide Format (sequence and specific headings):

Slide 1:

Title slide (similar to an APA title page – event title, name, date, etc., but no running head) 

Slide 2:

When: (date)

Who: (terrorist group and/or affiliation)

Where: (city, state, province, country)

Slide 3:
What: Relate the incident, but do NOT copy and paste news reports here. Use in-text citations to support your statements.

Slide 4:

Tactic Employed: (hijacking, bombing, kidnapping, assassination, etc.) Be specific.

Slide 5:

Formal/Major Terrorism Definition Used to Label this Event as a Terrorist Act: (FBI, UN, EU, etc.) Explain specifically how your event appropriately fits this definition. Be specific. 

Slide 6:

Type of Terrorism: Explain the type of terrorism: religious, state, right-wing, left-wing, biological, chemical, cyber, nuclear – including radiological materials, ecological, narcotic, separatist, or issue oriented.  

Slide 7:

International or Domestic Terrorism: Explain why this event is either international or domestic terrorism (or can be argued as both broad types of terrorism. 

Slide 8 to as necessary:

Security/Counterterrorism Measures: Describe appropriate security and counter-terrorism measures that could be employed to prevent and/or mitigate further incidents of the type of terrorism in this research project. If appropriate for your event, include force protection and standard/typical physical, personnel, and procedural security measures and/or strategies and not just counter-terrorism measures. 

This section should be a minimum of four slides and include a minimum of six measures. 

Next Slide:

Conclusion: Conclude with a strong wrap of your project. 

Final Slide(s):

References: Use a minimum of (8) scholarly sources to support your research project. eight

Technical Requirements:

Speaker Notes: Slides should include highlight major points with detailed speaker notes to elaborate on your points made on the slide. Use sub-sections when discussing Security/Counterterrorism Measures. 

Length: Minimum of 12 slides (not counting reference slide).

Citations/References:  You must use APA style for this assignment. Adhere to the APA for reference formatting: alphabetize, only first initials for first names, double space references, and use a hanging indent.

Submission:  All work is to be submitted as an attachment to the assignment link by 11:55 pm on the due date. All work should be prepared in Microsoft Word format and submitted as an attachment.

Supporting Materials

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