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1- Select any building that you consider part of your heritage from the course textbook “A Global history of Architecture” and write a short 150 word reason for your selection with Plan/Sections at scale (must include a scale bar).

2-Write a short 400-word Short Researched Report to:

  •  Describe the building’s formal and spatial character
  • Discuss the cultural, social and political contexts; material and structural technology; relevant precedents and influences
  •  Explain why and how you relate to it (same as Part 1a) This part of your research should use primary sources (see section on Bibliography below) and include a formatted Bibliography, images, drawings and diagrams to support your description, discussion and explanation. Your research should primarily be conducted using the Morgan State, University of Maryland and Enoch Pratt Library systems. At a minimum, works cited should include three (3) books sources and three (3) journal articles. All sources should be properly quoted and cited (MLA or Chicago style).

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