Depending on the technology and its use, research shows both positive and negative influences of technology on people’s ability to self-regulate their behavior. To prepare for this discussion, you will need to look in the Capella library and locate at least one scholarly research article on how technology influences the ability to self-regulate. You will use this article in this discussion.

Note: Although there are articles linked in the unit resources for your knowledge and as examples, please search for at least one article from the library that is not listed in the unit. This will contribute a variety of technology examples to make our discussion robust and add to our learning.


In what ways has technology affected people’s ability to self-regulate their behavior? What examples from the media (news reports, commercials, television shows, movies, et cetera) can you think of that highlight the conflict between impulse and self-regulation?

Summarize the article you found in the library. What relationship between technology and self-regulation is described in the article? How can professionals in the field of psychology use the findings to promote self-regulation?

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