Hi Bro, how are you? you helped me out a few weeks ago on a paper I had, now I am here again, I need help on this one also. Will you be willing to help me? here are the requirements.

For this paper, it has to be a 2-3 page analysis also of a poem of my choice. I need one outside source critic, and also a separate work cited sheet. The poems I have as choice are spellbound by Emily Bronte, and also la belle dame sans merci by john keats. I have to choose any between thos two and write a 2-3 page analysis and provide one outside critical essay source of which poem I choose.

For primary sources (quotes from the poem) cite line number in parentheses after the quote. Indicate line breaks with slashes.

these are the general requirements as stated by my professor.

In this second paper, you will revisit some of the necessary elements of literary criticism from the first paper. However, for this paper, you will analyze poetry.

Write an expository essay of literary analysis of the poem in regard to one of the following concerns:

Sensory Images Speaker (Voice/Tone) Figurative Language

Meter/Rhyme Poetic Form/ Conventions Meaning

Organization: Revisit your notes from the last essay assignment and follow the same guidelines for essay structure:

INTRO: fact—thesis—3-part summary

BODY: Point—example—exposition

CONCLUSION: summary of points–restate thesis—clincher

Support: In addition to your own analysis, this paper will require you to cite at least one outside sources critical of the poem. Sources can be gathered from library reference collection.

Presentation: The requirements for the headers and work cited page are the same as the previous essay

Make sure you get started immediately; you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get guidance in class.


Length: 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages in one of the three acceptable 12-point fonts. A works cited page is also required.

Please let the critical source be something one can find in a school database or something, as he does not want something which is just from the internet at random. Google scholar source is fine

Please any questions feel free to message me. I need this within 24 hours from now. The assigned text for this is “An Introduction to Literature, Barnet, Burto and Cain, eds.” if you can’t find the peom you want to write about, let me know I can always upload it.

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