Servant Leadership

INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 4Topic: Leading Others as a Servant LeaderApplying Servant LeadershipDetails:Select and research a contemporary political, social, religious, or business, leader to learn about how the leader employs Greenleaf’s principles of servant leadership to motivate, influence, and lead others. You may use the “Individual and Corporate Servant Leaders” handout in the Topic Materials if you need assistance locating potential leaders. Write a 500-750 word paper that addresses the following.1. Summary of the principles of servant leadership employed by the leader.2. Specific examples to illustrate the leader’s application of servant leadership principles.3. Information about the unique way the leader inspires followership.4. Discussion of what would you seek to emulate or see more of in your own organization from both the people who lead you and the leadership you provide to others?Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,LDR-630-RS-Individual and Corporate Servant Leaders.docx ATTACHEDRESOURCES6. ‘Servant’ Leadership Style Is Best for BossesRead “‘Servant’ Leadership Style Is Best for Bosses,” by Brooks, located on the Business News Daily website (2015). 10 Tips on How IT Leaders Can Develop a Service-Oriented PerspectiveRead “10 Tips on How IT Leaders Can Develop a Service-Oriented Perspective,” by Tennant, located on the IT Business Edge website (2014). 9 Ways to Motivate People Using Servant LeadershipRead “9 Ways to Motivate People Using Servant Leadership,” by McCuistion, located on the About Leaders website (2013). Being a Servant Leader in the Age of TechnologyRead “Being a Servant Leader in the Age of Technology,” by Hollis, located on the Huffington Post website (2015). Recognizing Servant-Leaders – Not Drum MajorsRead “Recognizing Servant-Leaders – Not Drum Majors,” located on the Dreams InDeed International website. Individual and Corporate Servant LeadersThe “Individual and Corporate Servant Leaders” resource can be used as a reference for discussion questions throughout the course and for completion of some course assignments.

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