“Set it off” movie criminology essay

After viewing the movie Set It Off, students will write a 2-3-page paper that addresses the following questions. NOTE: You can only use theories discussed in Chapters 4-8. (The Chicago school Theory, Differential Association Theory, Anomie Theory, Subculture Theory by Cloward and Ohlin, Subculture Theory by Miller, Labeling Theory)

  1. What particular life events or circumstances led each of the girls to choose the path they chose (i.e., what happened that caused each of the girls to engage in the crime spree)?
  2. Which two theories of crime can be used to explain why the girls or a particular character did what they did?
    1. Your response should include a discussion of the main arguments of each theory. This is where you will demonstrate your understanding of the theory and your ability to apply it.
  3. Pick one of the main characters of the story. If you found yourself in a similar situation (e.g., broke, limited job prospects), rather than robbing banks, what would you have done differently to get the money you needed?
  4. Did you like or dislike the movie, and why?

Be sure to answer each of the questions clearly and with as much detail as possible. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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