Sex and Culture Terms

Sex and Culture ANT/SOC/PSY 210-04

Part 1: Definitions and terms

Define the concepts, and give an example for each.


  1. Criminalization; 2) Vagrancy; 3) Commercial Sex Act; 4) Debt Bondage, 5) Involuntary Servitude; 6) Severe Forms of Trafficking in Persons; 7) Force, Fraud and Coercion; 8) Moral Entrepreneurs; 9) Social Problems; 10) Sex Work; 11) Prostitution; 12) Radical Feminists; 13) NGOs (non-profit); 14) Secondary Exploitation; 15) the Mann Act; 16) TVPA; 17) Moral Panic; 18) Emotional Labor; 19) Pimp; 20) Swedish Model; 21) John; 22) Satanic Panic; 23) Palermo Protocol; 24) the Maiden Tribute to Modern Babylon.
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