Topic: Critical Pop Culture Sexual Health AssignmentFormat/Length: 6-7 pages | APA Format |MUST USE AT LEAST 3 OF THE ATTACHED COURSE RESOURCES!!!Due: Friday, December 3, 2021Info: Please see the attached detailed assignment instructions, SIECUS guidelines, and course resources.Sexual Health Assignment SummaryThis assignment will enable you to critically analyze the sexual health of a fictional character in popular culture – television, films, or literature.Step 1:   Select a fictional TV, movie, or literary character who will serve as a case study and analyze their sexual health, based on the criteria belowStep 2: Review the SIECUS guidelines for sexual health (attached):Step 3:  For each one of the criteria from the SIECUS list, determine whether the character displays that behavior and think of an example from the film, book, or television show that illustrates your determination regarding that criteria. In your composition, you must discuss at least one aspect from each of the six categories on the SIECUS list.Step 4: Review writing resources, write an outline, write a thesis statement, write an introduction, and integrate information via summarizing, paraphrasing, or, as necessary, directly quoting sources, all with proper attribution.Step 5: Write a 1,400-to-1,600-word composition (about 6 double-spaced pages), not including title and reference page which should be written in APA Style and submit it to your assignment folder.Tip: Begin with a brief synopsis discussing the character or issues that arise in the book, film, or television show to give context to the reader. Next, integrate the criteria you have chosen and discuss how they are related. From your synopsis, you can then formulate a thesis statement and craft an outline that will be the basis of your composition. Once a draft has been written, you may want to contact the Effective Writing Center for feedback.Checklist of Expectations: In order to be successful on this composition, be sure that you address all of the following –__ Support your ideas with citations from the course readings or your peer-reviewed resource(s)__ Be sure that your ideas are put together in a coherent and logical way*__ Be creative in enhancing your topic__ Write an introduction that previews your main points__ Be sure the body of the composition develops and elaborates your ideas__ Include a conclusion that summarizes your main points__ Proofread carefully to ensure that your composition is free of misspellings and typos__ Proofread carefully to ensure that your composition has proper sentence structure (Grammar Help)__ Include a cover page, references, and citations in APA Style

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