Please respond to the following two sets of questions:

1. Since Socrates, what is the political significance of “reason” for the meaning of virtue for Plato and Aristotle? In other words, what role does reason and virtue play in politics, citizenship, and the formation of a good or just society? And, how does Aristotle’s view differ from Plato’s?

Note: These questions above overlap and are meant to ask the same question from a few different angles. Your response should meet a minimum and maximum 300-400 word count.

2. What is Plato’s idea of justice both for the individual and for the polity in Plato’s Republic? Your response to this second question should meet a minimum and maximum 150-250 word count.

Include the following scholarly sources:……

The Republic of Plato (if it can be obtained)

Be sure to cite both in text and in a bibliography in Chicago or PSA format.

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