Login will be provided. This comprises of discussion board, response and short quiz

A) We’re using this week as a sort of “baseline” view of your short story experience and comfort level. I’d like you to start your post with a general reading reaction to the story. (3-5 sentences) Keep in mind, there are no correct/incorrect ways to respond here, since you’re really just talking about your reaction to the story and why you feel you had that particular experience.

B) I’d now like you to try to divorce yourself from your feelings about the story and write a brief analysis (1-3 paragraphs) of the story; if there are literary terms that come naturally to you in your discussion, please go ahead and use them, but please do not force yourself to do so or look up information to try to include it. I am not grading* the quality of your response here–I am simply interested in seeing how you approach a short story. (*This is the one point in the semester where this is the case–from M2 onward, I will be looking at the depth and quality of your posts.)

C) Peer Question (At the end of your Initial Response Post, you will always pose a question for your peers. The best questions are those that inspire your peers to delve deeper into the story using applicable terms from the week or terms from prior discussions; it is less helpful to pose general questions such as, “Has anyone else had this experience?” A question like “What did you think of the story?” will not be given credit since it really took no thought to compose; in fact, one wouldn’t even have to read the story to pose such a question.)

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