Signature Assignment

Assignment 8

Students, finalize the following sections according to the DBA Template to demonstrate completion of these portions of the proposed study: Customer Relationship Management

  1. Background of the Study,
  2. Problem Statement and Significance of the Study,
  3. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework (methodology dependent)
  4. Researcher’s Positionality,
  5. Purpose of the Study,
  6. Research Question(s) and Hypotheses or Research Question(s) (methodology dependent) *Note: Qualitative researchesdo not need to complete Participant Inquires at this time
  7. Rationale for Methodology and Design,
  8. Operational Definitions for the Study,
  9. Assumptions and Limitations
  10. Appendices that include instrument and/or site permissions
  11. Submit your paper with the title Final Version of Foundational Elements and Permissions.
  12. Submit the paper in Microsoft Word format via the dropbox by the deadline identified above. The composition should follow conventions of standard American English appropriate for a professional and scholarly audience using APA format (6th Ed.). Submissions that do not comply with the page in length specified in the DBA Rubric for these study elements (title and reference pages excluded) will be rejected.

Pleases deliver the answer by the due date, this assignment will be submitted to Turnitin® So, No copy or matching will be accepted.

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