Management Assignment #6: SIMULATION/PAPER PROMPT

DUE DATE: Friday (12:00 EST)!!

Following are the general steps to follow for the simulation:

1) Go through the simulation Years 1 thru 4.  You may do this 3 times.

2) For each attempt (Years 1 thru 4) your will receive 3 performance metrics – Gross Margin Dollars, Gross Margin % and Number of votes from Board Members)

NOTE: Your highest score for each metric from any of the 3 attempts will be used for scoring!!!

3) Complete the record sheets to document or capture the decisions and board feedback you received. These will be used in writing the final paper. Keep notes of the strategies you used in each attempt and complete the final paper addressing the following:

4) The paper centers on your overall performance in the simulation as measured by:   1) Gross Margin (dollars),  2) Gross Margin %, and 3) Total number of votes from board members. The simulation will provide this data for you. Final Paper for Simulation: The simulation experience will be summarized in the PAPER.

The following is the Access Code you will be using to enter the simulation for the completion of the Week 6 assignment: *******

Completion of the simulation is limited to 3 times per person. (This means going through the 4 years provided in each simulation attempt, three times) I recommend using 1 for trial/practice in (The highest score received in each category from any one of the attempts will be used for grading the simulation results per the Weekly Rubric.)

Following is the information you will need to access the simulation and operate it successfully.  While the simulation is an individual learning experience, you may help one another in navigation mechanics.  Do not make decisions for one another as this will make writing the final paper very difficult at best. I am able to view all players in their respective simulations.

For the Simulation Access Code – **********

You are expected to keep records of your Operational Management strategies, decisions sets and the resulting outcomes. I recommend that you develop a method (such as a spread sheet or word document using tables) to help you keep organized. The simulation also provides detailed information.  This will provide the support for writing the paper. (Note: References/Reference Page will not be required for the paper.) THIS WILL BE SUBMITTED THROUGHT TURNITIN SO BE CAREFUL WITH ORIGINALITY/PLAIGIRISM!

Final Paper – Required Content:

(Note: Use the following for the Headings or Sub-headings in your paper per APA guidelines, 6th Edition.)

1.       Summarize the case that the simulation is based upon. Identify the significant challenges for management.

2.       State the Operation Management strategy(ies) that you used at the beginning of the simulation

3.       Summarize the major decisions made and their resulting outcomes.

4.       State the changes (if any) that were needed in strategy as the simulation progressed.

5.       State the operational conditions and outcomes at the end of the simulation

6.       Reflect on this learning experience:  what lessons were learned, what skills were gained, what relevance will this be to you in your profession as a manager?

Length of paper should be 9-10 pages!!!!

Grading Rubric
  Pts Poss Pts Earn  
Gross Margin Dollars   (Class Mean)     40    
Gross Margin Percentage   (Proficiency is >25%)  40    
Number of Votes  (Proficiency  is > 10 votes, total) 15    
Content 70    
Structure 15    
Mechanics 10    
APA Format    5    
Total 195    
A/A-   Writing that excels in most areas. Superior work. Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of material are obvious and substantial. Material is genuinely thought-provoking. Addresses all required content elements. Excellent control of language, clear consideration of audience. Sentence and paragraph variety appropriate for audience. Written at the graduate level. Grammar and punctuation issues are addressed correctly. Editing and proofreading are evident. Complete; correct documentation, integration of citations and paraphrases. No evidence of plagiarism.
B+   Very good writing which lacks the fluency and complexity of the A paper. Above average work. Few errors in logic though some minor weaknesses can be spotted. May be a thinner version of an A paper. Addresses all required content elements. Good consideration of audience. Paragraphing structure is strong. Most of the writing is cohesively strong. Written at the graduate level. Few grammatical errors. Editing and proofreading are evident. A little over reliance on source material. Lack of original thought. Few formatting errors, yet the message is clear.
B   Good writing that maintains competencies in most areas. Average work. Adequate analysis and evaluation of analytical thinking. Addresses all required content elements. Some weaknesses in audience identification. Paragraph structure needs improvement. Written at the graduate level. Several grammatical errors but not distracting to the reader. Clumsy inclusion of sources. Too many direct quotes. Few formatting errors that distract from the message.
B-   Fair writing that maintains competencies in most areas. Below average work. Gaps in evidence and insufficient links. Little evidence of analytical thinking. Missing one or two content elements. Definite weaknesses in reader identification. Sentences may be somewhat poorly constructed, and word choice may be inappropriate at times. A variety of grammatical mistakes. A pattern of errors that distracts the reader. Use of un-cited paraphrasing. Numerous errors that distract from the message.
C+/C   Fair writing that maintains competencies in some areas. Passing work. Lacks evidence of analytical or evaluative thinking. Several content elements missing. Inaccurate word choice, fragmented and monotonous sentences and little or no concern for the reader. Problems include repeated grammar and usage errors distracting to the reader. Some sources incorrectly cited or not used. Reference page may not correlate to the texts. Numerous formatting errors that distract from the message.
F   Unacceptable writing; does not meet standards of the assignment. Failing work. Thinking presented is chaotic, or it is missing completely. Missing critical content elements. The writing lacks organization and cohesion at all levels. Impossible for the reader to follow. Generally has a grammar and/or usage problem in almost every sentence. Sources are not used or are used incorrectly. Reference page may be missing. Numerous formatting errors that distract from the message.
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