1) Sir Gawain’s “sin” is:

a. Allowing the lady into his room

b. Flinching before the Green Knight’s sword

c. Greeting the king incorrectly

d. Accepting the lady’s green girdle for protection

2) At the end of this story, what happens to Sir Gawain?

a. He defeats the Green Knight

b. He gives up his life

c. He keeps the lady’s girdle for the rest of his life

d. He turns against the king

3) What failing does Sir Gawain blame himself for?

a. Cowardice

b. Pride

c. Jealousy

d. Lust

4) Where is Sir Gawain supposed to find the Green Knight?

a. Camelot

b. The Green Chapel

c. The Green Cottage

d. Gringot’s Castle

5) How is Sir Gawain’s related to King Arthur?

a. They are brothers

b. He is Arthur’s son

c. He is Arthur’s nephew

d. He is Arthur’s cousin

6) Which word would best replace the word “covenant” in the following passage: “Contrary to the covenant made at the King’s court. I promised a stroke, which you received: consider yourself paid.”

a. Deal

b. Sales

c. Argument

d. Battle

7) Which passage best illustrates Sir Gawain’s humility?

a. “But he told her he could touch no treasure at all, not gold nor any gift, till God gave him grace…”

b. “Then the courteous knight called out clamorously, “Who holds sway here and has an assignation with me?”

c. “But be brisk man, by your faith, and bring me to the point; deal me my destiny and do it out of hand, for I shall stand your stroke, not starting at all…”

d. “I am the weakest, the most wanting in wisdom, I know, and my life, if lost, would be least missed, truly.”

8) Which passage best positions Sir Gawain as an archetype of a brave and noble knight, even when facing injury or death?

a. “Strike but one stroke and I shall stand still, and offer you no hindrance; you may act freely, I swear.”

b. “Before all, King, confide this fight to me. May it be mine.”

c. “Now I feel in my five wits, it is the Fiend himself that has tricked me into this tryst, to destroy me here.”

d. “Sir Gawain bent to greet the knight, not bowing low.”

9) Which passage illustrates a test of Sir Gawains honor and chivalry?

a. “Gawain awaited unswerving, with not a wavering limb…”

b. “Gawain gripped his axe and gathered it on high…”

c. “The time comes for Gawain to keep his appointment with the Green Knight. He dresses carefully, wrapping the green sash around his waist…”

d. “For two days, while the lord is hunting, the lady of the castle attempts to seduce Gawain, but Gawain nobly rejects her advances.”

10) Which passage best exemplifies Sir Gawains chivalrous behavior toward the Green Knight?

a. “Who and where is the governor of this gathering? Gladly would I behold him with my eyes and have speech with him.”

b. “Nor, knight, do I know your name or your court…”

c. “And I shall wear out my wits to find my way there; here is my oath on it, in absolute honor.”

d. “It is a hideous oratory, all overgrown, and well graced for the gallant barbed in green.”

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