Site analysis

n a Live/Work Urban Farming complex for the Pigtown neighborhood in Baltimore, MD as a place that builds community, educates about food, supports local economy, improves health and brings joy. The Live/Work Urban Farm would provide housing, grow a variety of crops year-round, offer raw and prepared food at an on-site market, manufacture food-based products and supply local food purveyors.

Site analysis : Study the project sites located at Ostend and Wicomico Streets in Pigtown. Collect materials and information including but not limited to physical context (site photographs, maps, environmental considerations), legal context (zoning and building codes, design guidelines and reviews), social context (demographics, amenities). Prepare a summary report on 8.5×11 spreads of all information gathered determining the allowed housing density, floodplain limitations and other site design considerations. Assume I-MU zoning and 500-year flood plane for all project parcels. one slide for this part because of the zoning and ator information

Baltimore Floodplain Management…

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