The essay should be between 350- 500 words. I’m grading for content more than I’m grading for grammar, but please make sure that your essay is well-thought out. I gave you the questions in advance so that you could begin thinking about now.

Choose one of the following essay questions and prepare a response for the final exam. You should

follow a five paragraph essay format.

1. The Legacy of Slavery: Discuss the ways in which you believe that slavery impacts American

society today. Analyze certain events, issues and/or beliefs that you believe are relevant to slave

culture or the legacy of slavery.

2. While the abolitionist movement turned radical in 1836, many abolitionists remained

conservative. Oftentimes, radical abolitionists movements were thought to condone violence. What

do you think? Is radical abolitionism always linked with violence? Which approach do you feel

was most successful in working towards the abolishment of slavery?

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