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HRMGT169 – Diversity and Change ManagementDiversity in the Workplace PresentationDuring the first part of this semester, we discussed many types of diversity issues that occur in today’s workplace.For this project, each student is required to present a workplace issue related to diversity that you are facing or is currently or previously a situation at your place of employment.  Utilize a fictitious employer name, if desired, for confidentiality.Your slides should include content about the following talking points (without limitation):Why is the diversity issue a problem?How did it start?How is this situation being handled, if at all?As a future HR practitioner, supervisor, manager, etc., how would you resolve the issue?Can you eliminate the problem?Any other recommendations to eliminate the diversity issue …Your presentation must build a case by describing how your recommendation will eliminate the problem.When you present your information, the opening statement should contain a clear statement of your purpose in presenting the issues and your position on that issue.The bulk of your presentation should consist of integrated information that logically supports or defends your position.Adequate, accurate, and relevant support material is required (a minimum of three scholarly sources and references are required – your textbook can count as 1 source).The conclusion should contain a specific recommendation of your position. Don’t just walk the block… cross the street!An 8-10 minute presentation is expected. You’ll be timed.  Practice once on your own!Upload your presentation in the homework link by the appropriate due date. PowerPoint, Prezi, Recorded Google Meet w/ Screen Share, etc. are all fine.  Others are OK too!This is a 200 point opportunity: Max of 120 for your slides & 80 for your presentation.

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