Social service agencies approach the pursuit of social justice issues in different ways. You are currently placed in a social service agency which addresses some aspect of social or economic justice for an oppressed or marginalized population. Using Schneider & Ingram (1993) as a foundation, you will create a paper that addresses the following:


  • Provide a brief description of the organization and the population(s) the organization serves.
  • Present the mission of the organization and identify what social justice issues the organization strives to address. Provide both a clear definition of the problem and a description of the extent of the problem. Support the discussion of the problem with citations from the social work literature.
  • Describe the major strategies or interventions the organization utilizes to address social justice issues (1.5-2 pages)


  • Identify and analyze the prevailing social and cultural narratives relevant to the chosen social justice issue.
  • Consider the historical basis of the narratives as well as current public policies that impact people experiencing the injustice.
  • Drawing upon Schneider & Ingram (1993), consider how populations impacted by the issue have been socially constructed.
  • Support the discussion with citations from the social work literature.
  • Develop an alternative narrative about the issue that is more compassionate and conducive to the promotion of social justice.
  • Briefly describe the new narrative and explain why it represents a preferable alternative to the prevailing narrative. (2-3 pages)


  • Develop a hypothetical plan for addressing the social injustice in a local context in conjunction with your agency. The plan could entail public policy reform, a community organizing campaign, an activist movement, or something else of your creation.
  • Provide an overview of the plan, highlighting any specific strategies that will be employed. Provide evidence of the potential effectiveness of these strategies, using the social work literature to support the discussion.
  • Provide a rationale for the choice of plan, articulating why this plan is appropriate for addressing the specified social justice issue.
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the plan, making note of what resources would be necessary to ensure success. (1.5-2 pages)
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