social cognitive response paper

After reading your assigned chapters for this unit, prepare a written response to three of the following questions. Then reflect upon all the reading during this unit and share something new you learned from your reading. Your one- to two-page response needs to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter concepts. As you construct your answer, consider your area of specialization.

  1. People model the behaviors of some people but not others. Describe three characteristics that social cognitive theorists believe are true of people whom others are likely to model. How do you model a Christ-like attitude with students and other educators?
  2. Social cognitive theorists propose that people often become increasingly self-regulating over time.
    1. Explain what social cognitive theorists mean by the term self-regulation, and give a concrete explanation to illustrate your explanation.
    2. Identify an activity or domain in which you might help someone else become increasingly self-regulating. Then describe three specific strategies you might use to promote that person’s self-regulation. Your strategies should be based on concepts and/or principles that social cognitive theorists offer.
  3. Describe three different ways in which you might apply social cognitive theory in your area of specialization (teaching, teacher leadership, curriculum and instruction and educational administration, etc.). Identify the specific concepts and/or principles you are applying, and be concrete and specific about how you would apply each one.
  4. You are teaching several other people how to do something—perhaps how to solve a math problem, write a research paper, or do a side dismount from the parallel bars—and you find that your students have low self-efficacy for doing the task.
  • Describe a specific task that you might eventually teach one or more other individuals.
  • Considering the factors affecting self-efficacy that the textbook describes, develop three strategies you might use to enhance the learners’ self-efficacy in performing the task. For each strategy, describe what you would do in specific, concrete terms.

The correct APA reference for the text is:

Ormrod, J. E. (2016). Human learning. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Within the body of the document, you will cite as follows: (Ormrod, 2016)

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