For this discussion, search for a popular or scholarly article that presents a hate crime and a discussion of the implications for other members that fit within the targeted group. Integrating (and citing) what you learned from the article and other sources along with your critical thinking on the topic, discuss how the hate crime potentially impacts the identity of other members of the group.

Next, search the Internet for an organization that works to protect the rights of the targeted group. The organization might be a local, state, or national group. Provide the name of the organization and describe the support, services, or lobbying that the organization provides for members of the targeted group


responses of the communities. Search the library or Internet for articles relating to how one of these communities is recovering from the devastation of those public shootings. Citing the sources you read, address the following:

  • What do members of the community describe as the loss to their community?
  • What do they describe as their greatest challenges?
  • What changes in their communities have taken place as a result? (For example, local laws or policies might have changed, neighborhood watch groups may have formed, support services or local customs may have evolved from the community loss.) Describe specifics on how the particular community has come together to support community members and to remember victims

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