social Justice

Social Justice – Where is it found?When one is responsible for executive leadership, the concepts of “social justice, healthcare disparities, and healthcare inequities” take on a different meaning. The dialog changes from being a voice calling to the one answering the call. Consider first theBasic tenets addressing health disparities and health care equity, found in Box 1, on page 2.Next, readthis article on Social Justice and Healthand consider why this issue is important.To “answer the call,” nurse leaders need to reflect and truly understand how they feel about this topic.Formulate your position as an executive leader on your role in impacting social justice in healthcare.Include the following aspects in the Assignment:This is an informal 1 page  write upReview the readings above, and share if you agree or disagree on the need to address social justice in healthcareHow do you see your role in this topic changing as an executive leader?NOTE- JUST WRITE ONE FULL DETAILED PAGE

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