Follow the prompt below to complete your discussion post:

  1. Answer each question with 2-3 clearly written sentences based on exact information from the reading and video.
      1. After viewing the video, “The Women of Hull House” and based on reading the chapter, discuss three specific contributions made by women who were associated with Hull House. (The Women of Hull House: Harnessing Statistics for Progressive Reform, this is the name of the video, but it needs my student account to log in)
      2. Thinking critically, what was the impact on African Americans of the call in 1873 by Alexander Crummell, Episcopal minister, and W. E. B. Du Bois, scholar, for the “talented tenth” to repay the sacrifices of their ancestors through dedicating their lives to the uplift of black people by entering the field of social work, on page 221?
      3. The Children’s Aid Society, started in 1853, continues today. What was the original mission of this organization, on page 217?

I am on a trip so don’t have the book with me. If you can find it would be perfect.

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