Select the model of Social Policy analysis presented and discussed in class or you may chose the model presented in your textbook Karger & Stoesz, Chapter 3. Apply the model to a Social Policy in your area of interest, experience or expertise, or to an area in which you want to gain more knowledge. Evaluate the policy according to the guidelines in the model selected. Library research is essential for this assignment, and you should start this assignment early in the semester. For assistance with the library research, you are encouraged to contact Mr. John Dillard, at Social Work Electronic Library. Your references should include federal or state laws and budgets; congressional record; federal or state statistics; government white papers; government pamphlets; academic journal articles; books; newspaper articles; web site references. The paper should be at least 10 pages in length (excluding reference and cover/title page) and should include a minimum of 06 references.

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