Drawing on contemporary research on ageing and theories covered in this unit of study, this 3,000 word essay will be a discussion of or response to one of the following statements/questions:

The key to diminishing the impact of ageism is the deliberate promotion of intergenerational activities. Discuss this statement and how it might occur in everyday life in Australia? What are the roles of media, government and/or communities  in changing how older people are regarded in Australia?

(You can approach this generally – looking at each sector or choose to focus on one media, government or community)

Assesmenat Criteria

1.  3,000 word essay responding to a set essay question from the list below.

2.  Draw on literature relevant to the question/statement, including set readings (minimum of 10 references)

3.  Discuss the statement/question in the context of social work in the field of ageing and make reference to current australian policy discourse.

4.  Present a clearly argued position on the question/statement.

5.  Canvass implications for social work practice.

6.  Have a title, introduction, literature review, discussion and conclusion.

7.  Demonstrated capacity to search for relevant research/readings.

8.  Evidence of critical engagement with the ideas and issues presented in the readings undertaken.

9.  Evidence of active and involved engagement with the statement/question (e.g. Questions asked, argument developed, finding a range of ways to explore, think and discuss)

10. Demonstrated ability to explore statements in the context of social work practice

11. Written in a scholarly manner with a coherent argument, clarity of structure and expression and appropriate and consistent referencing. APA REFERENCING.

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