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This assignment challenges you to analyze your socialization using the sociological imagination. You will have to look at your relationships with various social institutions as an outsider would, and demonstrate an understanding of the macro level and micro level factors that are influencing your life even today.

Requirements for Submission

1.One cohesive 5 to 7 page essay containing

a.Comparative sociological analysis of “Me” to the hypothetical “Other Me” 
(see Sociological Analysis below) 

b.Summation of the impact of macro- and micro-level social factors on the 

2.Attached completed “Me” handout 

3.Attached completed “Other Me” handout 

Sociological Analysis

● Responses should reflect a meaningful application of what we’ve learned during the semester and deep, thoughtful analysis and include the following:

○ How are the interests and plans of the “other you” different? How did you decide upon the interests/plans of the “other you”? Summarize and explain these differences using sociological concepts.

○ Thinking about the two biographies, identify and discuss at least three opportunities that are different for “you” versus the “other you”.

○ How do you think the “other you” will turn out differently from you in 10 years? In your response, discuss at least three characteristics A


that would be different. Why do you think the “other you” would be

different in these ways?

○ What did you learn about yourself from this assignment?

○ What did you learn about the sociological perspective from this assignment?

● You are expected to cite sources used to explain or relate sociological concepts, including your textbook. Please use the APA General Guidefor formatting (sans Abstract). See the Purdue OWL site for examples.1

● Your autobiography should be approximately 4 to 6 pages, double-spaced, using 12 point font (excluding any footnotes, titles, or reference pages).

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