This writing will be about the creation of a field research proposal, The final research proposal should be 2000-2500 words (not including References section), which is approximately 8-10 pages. Students should write the proposal using Times New Roman 12-point font, page-numbered, and ideally APA formatting (please see “Sample Research Proposal”).

Short statement of the research proposal question:

My research field could be a school for English learners as their second language, especially their mother tongues are Japanese. That means if I deeply study a site in San Diego’s one of language schools for them, the conclusion may be vary unless researching more of the schools for more precise result.

The above statement is the field research proposal topic, so please follow the statement through to the end. Then I attach the detailed instruction of the proposal and the sample proposal with another topic. Follow them to complete this assignment.

After confirming your bidding, I would attach slides from the class and every completed previous assignments related to this proposal later on, in order for you to help making this paper.

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