1. What is the difference between dehumanization and humanization?

2. According to Freire, how does oppression dehumanize oppressors and oppressed people?

3. According to Freire, what is false generosity? What is its role in the dehumanization of oppressed people?

4. According to Freire, how must education be reconfigured for it to be beneficial to the emancipation of oppressed people?

5. Identify and briefly explain the two stages of pedagogy of the oppressed.

6. What is Freire’s philosophy on the meaning of being fully human?

7. Define false consciousness.

8. According to Freire, how do oppressed individuals and oppressors experience false consciousness?

9. Define praxis.

10. Discuss how the new form of education and praxis have the propensity to fight for liberation.

11. According to Freire, what occurs in the initial struggle for liberation?

12. How does Freire describe true liberation? Why do you think he describes true liberation in this manner?

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