Sex and sexuality have not always been appropriate topics for even academic discussions. The reasons for not talking about sex were many, but one big reason was that societal norms were strongly set against sex outside of marriage in the time before effective birth control and women’s access to education and careers that allowed them to be independent of men, if they chose to. In this Discussion, you and your classmates will exchange ideas about how and why the changes occurred so that sexuality is a topic that is covered in mass media, the news, and college classrooms.

Post a referenced, complete response to the Discussion topic after you have completed your reading. Also, respond to at least two peers by drawing a conclusion, asking a question, or offering additional resources on the topic.

The Sexual Revolution

Discuss three underlying issues that caused the sexual revolution. What results of the sexual revolution can be seen in society today? Explain what you think brought on the sexual counter-revolution.

Your initial post should be at least 150-words in length.

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