Paragraph I: What does the chart on the first page of the lesson illustrate, and why is it shaped like a triangle? Now, identify the highest ranking status in this chart. What would you need to do socially, financially, educationally, etc. in order to ‘join’ this social rank- if possible? Explain your answer.

Paragraph II: Review the Societal Stratification chart on page 2 of the lesson. Other than the system we live in today, which system (you must choose a system for the sake of the discussion) would you prefer to live in, and why? What social status would you like to belong to while living within this particular system? Explain your answer.

Paragraph III: Go to the last page of the lesson. Do you agree or disagree with the final two sentences? Which bullet point do you agree with the most, and why? Which bullet point do you agree with the least, and why? *Please feel to share any personal experiences to further the discussion.

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