Origins of Sociology

& the 3 Theoretical Perspectives

In a paper ranging from 6 pages (cover page and reference page do not count towards total page count), briefly describe the 4 factors that contributed to the emergence of Sociology as a discipline. When mentioning the Man credited as being the ‘Father of Sociology’, remember to state the reason why he is credited with such a prestigious honor. The 4 factor that contributed to the emergence of Sociology as a discipline are: The social upheaval in Europe as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which led to changes in the way people lived their lives. 2. The political revolution in America and France, which encouraged people to rethink their ideas about social life. 3. The development of imperialism as the Europeans conquered other nations, they came in contact with different cultures and began to ask why cultures varied. 4. The success of the natural sciences, which created a desire to apply scientific methods in order to find answers for the questions being raised about the social world.

The next section of your paper will describe the 3 main theoretical perspectives in Sociology. The 3 perspectives are symbolic interactionist, functionalist and conflict theory. In order to receive an A on this paper, include: discussion of the 4 origins of Sociology, and a full explanation of each perspective, which includes: discussion of the fundamental views, level of analysis, 1 or 2 theorist, & 3 concepts. When you are discussing the concepts, in order to demonstrate comprehension you must use examples.

In regards to formatting, you must utilize the APA format, which can be found on CanvasFormatting for papers button in the Paper Instructions & Variables reading module.

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