Hello, this is an essay. However, I need a separate source approval due before I submit my essay. The instructions for the source approval & the essay is all uploaded within all my files. You may choose either “The Little Seagull” by Bullock, Richard, et al. or “Everything’s an argument” by Lunsford, Andrea, and John Ruszkiewicz. From there choose a source (website) that relates to the course novel and paste the whole URL of the website. Accompany that with 2-3 sentences explaining how the entire website relates to the novel. That is what I shall submit for my source approval. I have not chosen which novel from the 2 options or the website (source) yet so that will be completely up to you to decide seeing as how you will be writing the essay as a whole. This professor is a tough grader so please go over my file uploads and follow the instructions as precisely as you can. All the instructions and rubric is uploaded but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you

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