Speech 4&5

1. Chap. 4-Explain the relationship between language and thought.2. Chap. 4- Which of the language barriers discussed is most likely to occur in your interactions?3. Chap. 4- Pick a word and provide an example of the difference between its denotation and connotation.4. Chap. 5- In what way or ways have texting, emailing, and other communication technologies affected nonverbal communication?5. Chap. 5- Break a nonverbal rule and describe the experience. Give someone extreme eye contact (longer than normal), walk into an elevator and face the back wall, or stand really close to someone (get closer than the normal amount of room we allow for personal space). Side note: Please do not get beat up or slapped doing this portion of the discussion, or tell them Professor X told me to do it. : ) I cannot wait to read these by the way. I know we are all going to be thoroughly entertained.6. Post a meme or gif that describes how your semester is going so far.Here’s the link to the chaptershttps://reader2.yuzu.com/#/books/9780134874548/cfi/6/16!/4/2/2/2/[email protected]:0

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