Strategic Marketing Course (discussion board questions 3)

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

TOPIC 1: Mid-Term Check

Evaluate our course learning experience. Respond to these questions: Are you meeting your goals for this course as discussed during the introductory class conference? Have you updated your goals based on class learning? If so, how? What could be discussed before class ends to help you finish off the course on a strong note?

TOPIC 2: Boston Matrix and Product Portfolios

The Boston Matrix seeks to establish a balance among “stars,” “problem child(ren),” “cash cows,” and “dogs.” How does it work and what does it mean to you as a marketing professional?

TOPIC 3: SMART Marketing Objectives

Without specific objectives, a business in unlikely to meet its goals. This article discusses the five qualities of a SMART objective and why they are so important to organizational success.

How do SMART objectives affect an organization or business? Why?

Write at least two SMART objectives for a well known product or service – describe the product or service, identify the company, and why these are important.

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