Stress Management_Comprehensive Plan

The plan must include an account of insights and wisdom. A paper must contain the following: Each section should be numbered, be at least one paragraph, typed, spell checked, have proper grammar, and include the source(s) used.  It must be no less than one thousand words. Each paragraph topic must be no less than 200 words. You will be graded according to accuracy and thoroughness of answers. This project will not be complete without addressing the following:Describe your top stressor. Purpose is to identify the problem of the stressor.Identify triggers and describe how it affects your emotions, physical and spiritual reactions.  It is important to identify the underlying emotion associated with the problem to resolve it.Discuss how you will maintain balance with your mind(emotions), body, and spirit. Consider adding or changing something to find balance. Include different relaxation techniques that you will incorporate for each stressor and why you have chosen these specific techniques.Discuss one current event on stress management.  I recommend searching news stories, periodicals, and Google to find current events. Make sure to include a website or upload article.After completing your stress management plan, reflect on how you feel about your strategies.  Comment on how this will satisfy both your practical needs in life and your personal well being.

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