Student Success College Task

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Add up the cost of going to college for an entire term; tuition for one semester, the total estimated cost of all the gas you will use to get to and from class for the term, books and supplies, a computer you may have bought, and child care or any other expenses related to your going to school. Put down everything you can think of.

Total Cost=___________________

Divide that grand total by the number of hours you are in school (number of weeks class is in session multiplied by the number of hours you are scheduled to be in class). For example, if you are taking two 3 hour classes for a sixteen week semester, the number you will divide your grand total by is 97 (+6 hours X 16 weeks).

Total Cost Divided by Hours=_____________________

Completing the exercise will show you how much money each class session costs you- and the cost of missing class!

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