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Study CritiqueIn preparation for the final prospectus and literature review, you will conduct an article review. Applied research can differ from traditional research in many ways, including the format of the final document. Unlike a traditional dissertation, applied research studies may take the form of a cost-benefit analysis, policy analysis, needs assessment, employee evaluation model, etc. Search the professional literature for an applied research study that differs in format from a traditional five-chapter dissertation. In addition, the following website might prove helpful in your search:U.S. Fire AdministrationTasks:Find an applied research study (evaluation research, action research, or intervention research) in your respective discipline, complete an analysis of the study, and answer the following:What type of applied research study have you selected (e.g., program evaluation or policy analysis)?How does this study differ in format from a traditional dissertation? Answer with respect to the following:The question/purpose/problem to be solvedThe context of the studyIdentification of participants and their role in the applied research studyThe specific applied research (evaluation, action, intervention) methodThe specific qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research techniques usedThe way data is analyzedIssues or questions that they might have around the findingsWhy is this study of particular interest to you?What does the study contribute to your own research?What new learnings came from the analysis of the study?Support your rationale and analysis by using at least two resources from professional literature in your response. Professional literature may include the a University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites ending in .edu or .gov).APA Style and Free of Plagiarism

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